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Start a ChurchUnited National Ministry is a Christian Church located in Dallas, TX and our core beliefs are that there is only one God that exist in three forms, God the Father, God the Son and, God the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born by Virgin Mary.  There is no other God capable of sacrificing Himself for the forgiveness of man’s immortal sins. He redeemed every nation by shedding His blood on the cross which led Him to death and resurrection. We believe that the Kingdom of God promises salvation and eternal life. God is love and loves people who are poor, widowed, oppressed, orphaned, and brokenhearted. God welcomes all genders, races, ethnicity and backgrounds who repent and embody the word of God. We continue to reject the temptation of Satan and embrace the new life that glorifies God and His creation.

As Christians in the church of God, we choose to love our enemies and disregard any mischievous act. Accordingly, we reject sinful activities that degrade Gods sacred creation of marriage. We believe that the ultimate sense of marriage is having relationship to Jesus Christ. The profound gift given to man and woman is to become one.

We believe that mankind, both male and female were created in the images of the Lord, righteous, holy, and without sins. The disobedience of Eve and Adam’s fall from the original sin can be washed away through complete surrender to God.

People are sinners and man commit sins by choice through breaking the Ten Commandments. Yet, God is so gracious for giving us a new life. With God’s love and mercy, we believe to have an everlasting life in heaven.

God has given the Church pastors, apostles, evangelists, and preachers to equip ordaining ministers for Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ called the Church to work according to God’s will with honor and unity in preaching the sacred words and holy gospel to all nations. This ministry is an essential part of God’s Kingdom with disciples who offer practical services and sacrificial giving to spread what is good, what is holy, what is righteous, and what is wonderful to our greatest Creator of the heaven and earth.

With the creation of man and women, we believe that monogamous marriage must be observed by husband and wife. We perform marriages according to the Old and New Testament in the Bible. We believe that the scriptures in the Bible are the exact words of God. The word of God in which the Church adheres and operates at all times till eternity.

We believe that the Gospel of God must be published before the judgment day. Salvation is by faith alone, grace alone, and in Jesus Christ alone. May God sanctify us to do what is right and pleasing in His eyes.


See Some of the Weddings Performed by Our Ministers

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