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Become an Ordained Minister in Canada

If you would like to perform religious services in Canada an ordination from United National Ministry is valid for rites of baptism, funerals, religious counseling, and leading a congregation. However, Canada has very strict laws regarding the performance and registration of marriage.

An individual may get ordained with United National Ministry and perform a Christian ceremonial marriage but it will not be recognized as legal in Canada. You must take an extra step of getting married by a government official in Canada for the marriage to be properly registered.

Our marriage ordination packages will ordain the officiant as a religious minister and our Church and the United States will recognize the marriage perform by our ministers but Canada will require the couple to be married by a justice of the peace or other government official for the marriage to be registered as official.

You may get ordained or have a family member get ordained through United National Ministry to perform the marriage ceremony and then have the marriage registered with your provincial government by paying a fee and having the justice or other government officer marry you according to Canadian law.