Our Weddings

Our ministers have legally officiated over ten thousand weddings across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada. Below are some photographs from our Ordained Ministers.

Minister Grant Hunder officiates the wedding of Nick & Danielle in Minnesota.


Minister L. Christopher Jung officiates the wedding of Lisa Ann to Harold Christopher Dennis in New York.

Minister Marvin Witcher officiates weddings for several couples in Virginia.



Minister Dennis Tharp officiates the wedding of his son Daniel Tharp to Nicole Gray in Florida.


Minister Stephen Vanetta officiates the wedding of his son in South Carolina.


Minister Melanie Warren officiates the wedding of Ryan and Kelsey Sheperd in Washington State.


Minister Chrystal Miller officiates the wedding of Louis Kelley to  Stephanie Booker in Kansas.


Minister William Lightsey officiates the wedding of Garth and Alison Sherman in Mississippi.

Minister William Lightsey officiates the wedding of Jim and Shalane Davison in Mississippi.